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Applying to Section 8  Empty Applying to Section 8

Post  Snaketra on Tue May 08, 2012 4:45 pm

Username: Snaketrap
Rank: Captain
Date you joined Supremacy: 12/02/09
Previous alliance affiliation: IYAOUAS
Current member you have played with: (we only accept players that have played with a current member, if you have not please say you haven't and we will send you a game number with some SXN8 members in it for you to join) Not sure if I have or not, but I don't mind jumping in a game with any of you.
Why you want to join Section 8: You guys have an impressive history and good rank and some of your members names look familiar.
Anything else you wish to let us know: I took a break from game, but I have been playing daily since my return.


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