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Alliance Achievements
2nd Offical Supremacy 1914 Tournament Finalist
3rd Official Supremacy 1914 Tournament Finalist
History of SXN8 Be7eb17af2

Rhalada: Finalist 2nd Official Supremacy 1914 World Cup
History of SXN8 E88320301e

This alliance stems from the origins of an alliance originally created by The Don. The alliance was managed by a council with two fighting teams. The first team led by Spawnofbattle, the second team led by The Don. The alliance had close ties to the Quantril Militia Raiders. Due to RL issues, The Don takes a vacation from Supreacy1914, and passes leadership to Spawnofbattle.

Under Spawnofbattle, the alliance was reformed into a dictatorship. During the first official alliance tournament, a small conflict with the devs and the German community resulted in the alliance changing its name to United Nations Directorate. However, this also resulted in severing the ties with QMR. Under Spawnofbattle, UND was led to the finals in two consecutive alliance tournaments under the team name A Clockwork Bunny. A second team, United Bunny Directorate, reached the quarterfinals during the second tournament under the leadership of Tom14cat14, a member of the original alliance. Spawnofbattle also initiated the start of the Alliance Union with help from Euphoria.

Due to RL, Spawnofbattle has retired from Supremacy1914. After a long discussion, I have decided to take over command of the alliance. Thus starts another chapter in the story of this alliance…

Section 8 under Pitmedden:
The United Nations Directorate, formerly managed as a dictatorship, will now run as a military organization. Renamed to Section 8 under agreement of the higher command.

Rank Organization:
Leader - Pitmedden
Officers –
  • Euph
  • tom14cat14
  • rhalada
  • LokiSeto

Those that hold the highest rank during the match is expected to lead that match. Should more than one member hold the highest rank, then they may determine amongst themselves who takes the lead.

Recruits are listed under a trial position. The length of the trial is a total of three games played in alliance format. Should a reason be given by someone in the alliance, not to include others of the Recruit rank, that the person should be removed, then the trial is complete, and the recruit removed. After the trial has run to its full completion, the officers will review the recruit’s performance. That review will determine whether that recruit becomes a full member, and to which team he will play for.

Alliance-wide rules:
1. No Cheating. There is a zero tolerance for those that resort to unauthorized methods to achieve victory.
2. No GM Use. This is limited to official alliance matches, or public games when joined as an alliance. Games taken on by members for themselves are not limited by this ruling.
3. Maintain a respectful, civil tone at all times. Forum posts fall under this ruling. I do not like flame wars, they only create more problems.
4. Actual in-game communication is to be conducted solely by the team leader. This is mainly directed at Daily European articles that communicate with the opposition. Daily European posts in the format of Roleplay, singing, etc. for morale purposes are exempt. This is to prevent things deteriorating into a flame war in the game.
5. Members of Section 8 may not be a member of another alliance.

Infractions will be dealt with on a three strike policy. The first offense will be answered with an official warning. The second infraction answered with a suspension from alliance events, with the possibility of reduction in rank. The third infraction answered with removal from the alliance.

As the leader of this alliance, I hold an “Open Door Policy”. What that means is that any member of any rank may approach me with questions, or unresolved issues involving an officer or member of the alliance.

For those outside of the alliance, you may contact myself or Euphoria.

Section 8

Die Legionare
Juicy Troupe
Drunken Knights
Infanterie-Division "Das Kaiserreich" [Inf.Div.]
The Conquerors
drive tanks in reallife
Imperial Guard
Golden Eagles
Pony SlayStation
Paint it Black


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